How to Spot a Rolex Explorer Replica?

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Rolex is known to manufacture watches that have perfection, elegance, quality, precision, beauty and simplicity all in one piece of timeless and classic watch. They are known for their meticulous ways of making their watches perfect up to the smallest details. That is why the retail price of a Rolex watch can cost at around $5,000.

Because of the seemingly impossible to reach price of Rolex a lots of us cannot afford to provide themselves an original copy of the Rolex Explorer. That is why a lot of manufacturers began to replicate the imagery and elegance of Rolex watches. One is the Rolex Explorer Replica.

Rolex Explorer Replica is almost the same as the original. As a matter of fact, some replica Rolex costs more than $500. Replica should not be mistaken the same as fake as the latter possesses poor and sometimes non-functional parts compared to replica.

Fake Rolex is the worst level of Rolex that will not want to be bought by anyone. This is due to the fact that fake Rolex has the poorest standards when it comes to the watch market. So, how will you know if a Rolex is replica?

The number one thing to look for is of course, the price. If you see that the Rolex watch is sold lower than $1500, you bet that it’s either fake or replica. But sometimes producers will price their fake or replica watch higher than it should be. In fact, some fake Rolex are sold at an incredibly high price almost the same as the original. So it is important to be vigilant when looking for Rolex watch. Below are some of the tips on what to do and look for to know a fake Rolex.

1. Look at the back of the case. Rolex is known for their elegance, simplicity and perfection. Any errors, even a very small detail indicates the Rolex Explorer a replica or fake. Another thing to remember about the back casing: NO DECORATION. Just simple plain text.

2. If you have a jeweler’s loupe, then much better as you can examine the face perfectly. Look for any defects. Any single defect, even very light means its either fake or replica.

3. Look for the second hand of the watch for any jerky movement. An original Rolex watch moves smoothly and perfectly.

4. Rolex watches are heavier compared to fake although some replicas can almost perfectly reproduce the watch’s heaviness. Why is it heavy? This is because the materials used in the creation of Rolex watches are of high quality and perfect that it needs more weight.

5. Look for the hologram sticker. Fake do have holograms though but you can easily spot the authentic from fake. Fake holograms usually are torn or sometimes does not change pattern even if moved to a different angle.

It is really important to know the qualities of fake and genuine Rolex as a big amount of money is at stake. So, make sure to follow the steps to stay away from the potential suffering of your pocket from an imperfect Rolex.

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How to Spot a Rolex Explorer Replica?

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How to Spot a Rolex Explorer Replica?

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